Best way to travel from Split to Dubrovnik!

How to travel from Split to Dubrovnik

There are many ways to travel between Split and Dubrovnik – bus, car ferry, flight, and the choice will depend on your budget, time in hand and if you have plans to visit any places en route.

You can travel from Split to Dubrovnik either by car, bus, ferry or flight. The journey will require about 3-4 hours depending on your choice. The best way to get from Split to Dubrovnik is either to drive or take a bus from as you will go through the scenic coastal route which goes through a border crossing. Taking a ferry is a great option if you plan to visit islands like Hvar or Korcula. 

Mode Duration Approx. Cost Note
Flight 100 eur 55 mins Quickest; Limited direct flight connections
Ferry 25 eur 4-5 hours Ferry and catamaran options available
Bus 12-19 eur 4-5 hours Most economical; Most routes have border crossing with Bosnia
Drive 30 eur 3.5-4 hours Most convenient; Coastal route has border crossing with Bosnia

Let us go into the details of some of these options available, and also things to consider if you plan to go through the coastal route which has a border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bus from Split to Dubrovnik

Bus travel is the most economical option to go from Split to Dubrovnik, and vice versa. There are frequent departures from both cities and the total duration of the journey is about 4 to 5 hours. Prices for adult tickets are about 12-19 eur, and tickets for children are priced between 8-9 eur. There are 2 options for night buses as well but these are seasonal.

Most bus routes go through coastal route passing through Neum corridor which has two border crossings with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Make sure to carry your passport and other documents required for border control. 

If your bus journey is along the coastal route try to be seated on the right side of the bus to get beautiful view of the riviera 🙂 Most buses will drop you at the main city bus terminal which are easily accessible from famous tourists spots. 

It is best to buy your tickets in advance, and you can easily get these either at bus terminals or online. Try GetByBus or BusCroatia for latest schedules and online booking. 

Ferry from Split to Dubrovnik

Taking a ferry from Split to Dubrovnik is preferable if you plan to do island hopping via Brac, Korcula, Mjlet and other islands off the coast. These islands are great destinations for a day trip, and many tourists also consider staying on the islands for a couple of days. Even if you do not plan on stopping at any of the islands, ferry journey is a great way to spend a leisurely day cruising through the Adriatic coast but the cost is higher as compared to bus journey. 

How much does the ferry from Split to Dubrovnik cost?

The ferry ride from Split to Dubrovnik takes about 4 hours and costs around 25 EUR per person. Catamaran services are also provided by two main Croatian liners – Krilo and Jadrolinija. Catamaran service is provided by Krilo during peak tourist season (May-Oct). The schedule varies by season so it’s best to check the latest timetables and availability in advance.

Until recently, Jadrolinija provided car ferry options but these have been discontinued. It is advisable to check directly with service providers prior to your travel to be sure that car ferry services are available. 

Do check Krilo website and Jadrolinija official website for latest information. 

How do I go from Split to Dubrovnik via islands like Hvar, Brac, Korucla?

During the peak season (June to August), most liners operate ferry routes that have stops at the various islands around Split and Dubrovnik. Hvar, Brac, Vis and Korculare are one most beautiful islands in Adriatic coast located off Split and Dubrovnik. These make for the perfect island hopping opportunity while visiting these two cities.

From Split, the ferry to Hvar takes about 1hour and costs between 10-25 Eur. When travelling to Hvar, it is best to plan to spend atleast a night over since a day trip is too short to explore this lovely island. We spend about 3 days in Hvar and still felt we needed more time.

There are regular ferries from Hvar to Brac from where you can plan a day trip to the iconic Zlani Rat beach at Bol.

While travelling from Hvar to Dubrovnik, you can easily plan to stop at Korcula, another lovely island closer to Dubrovnik. Once you get to the island, you can hop on to a bus to the old town to spend a day here. The total cost for the ferry and bus tickets will be about 35 eur. A lot of tourists tend to stay the night at Korcula but you can take the evening ferry to Dubrovnik as well.

While in Dubrovnik, you can plan a day trip to Mjlet island which is a lovely getaway from the city crowds and a paradise for nature lovers.

We found Croatia ferries website very useful to get more information on all ferry routes and connections to islands available at the time of our travel. 

Flight from Split to Dubrovnik

There are two direct flight connections between from Split to Dubrovnik provided by Croatian airlines. The duration of direct flight is about 55min and costs approximately 100eur.

Travelling from Split to Dubrovnik is not a great idea as time to get to the airport and transit time can make the journey much longer. Dubrovnik airport is situated about an hour distance from the main city and adds to the travel time. There are no direct buses from Split to Dubrovnik airport and most buses go through the main city.

Train from Split to Dubrovnik, or Dubrovnik to Split

There is no train connection between Split and Dubrovnik. You can instead opt for a bus or ferry route which takes the same amount of time to get to Dubrovnik. 

Driving from Split to Dubrovnik

Driving from Split to Dubrovnik or other way round is a very convenient option. It takes about 4hours of journey and costs approx 30eur on a petrol vehicle since there are not too many tolls en route. Driving is preferred by many tourists for it goes along the beautiful Adriatic coastal route and offers some great views. You can also plan for day trips to locations like Mostar on the way if you have the requisite visa. 

There are two routes to consider between Split and Dubrovnik – motorway route and coastal route. We highly recommend taking the coastal route if you do not mind waiting at the border crossings, and also have the requisite visa or ID. 

Motorway route

The motorway route goes from Split down towards Dugopolje, and then straight 100kms to Ploce, outside of Dubrovnik. The route then continues along Bosnian Riviera with border crossings. The traffic at the border crossing is very less as compared to the other route, making this the quickest route between the cities though it may not be the most scenic. 

Coastal route – Neum Corridor

This route offers views of Adriatic coast all along and is the most scenic of all. You should take this route if you are not in a hurry to get to Dubrovnik since it can be a long waiting time at two border crossings at Bosnia and Herzegovina borders (which are not EU member states). Known as the Neum corridor, this stretch passes through areas outside of Croatia so you need to be mindful of the documents required at the border crossings. 

Things to consider for border crossing passing through the Neum corridor

We often com across questions likeDo I need a visa to travel from Split to Dubrovnik?’ and ‘Do I need a visa while driving from Dubrovnik to Split through Neum corridor?’ when travelers consider this route. 

An agreement between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) government allows tourists to pass through Neum corridor without any additional visa if you are not planning to visit any city in BiH. But if you are looking to do a day trip to Mostar or any other location in Bosnia then a valid visa is required.

Since there are two border crossings involved in this route, you will need a multi-entry Croatian visa.

All tourists, who are not EU residents, get entry and exit stamps on their passport. Also, if you are driving from Split to Dubrovnik with a rental car and passing through Neum corridor, make sure to check the insurance documents provided by your rental company. These will be required at the border control. Say if you have rented a car in say Italy then do check with your rental company if you are allowed to leave the EU during this transit, and documentation required.

Split to Dubrovnik by car without passing through Neum corridor

There is another interesting route from Split to Dubrovnik if you want to avoid the border crossings of Neum corridor. Once you arrive at Ploce, you can take a ferry to Trpanj and then continue your ride to Dubrovnik. This is surely a scenic route with beautiful views of the Adriatic but will make your journey longer by 4hours or so.

Are there any one-way car rental options between Split and Dubrovnik?

A lot of car rental companies offer one way car rental options between Split and Dubrovnik during the peak season. Since this is a popular route among tourists you can almost expect to pay a reasonable price of one way rental without any drop off fees. We found some great deals for one way on  

Are there any good places to visit while driving from Split to Dubrovnik?

If you driving or travelling by bus between Split and Dubrovnik, there are a number of great places to consider for a pit stop or even a night stay – Omis, Makarska, Ston in Croatia and Mostar and Kravice waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Omis is small city enroute and is great for a pit stop. Makarska riveria is a beautiful bay with many resorts and cafes. Ston and Peljesac Peninsula is famous for its Ston wall and oyster farming. A lot of tourists head to Mostar for a day trip before travelling to Dubrovnik.

Read our detailed post on Best places to visit while travelling from Split to Dubrovnik to find out more about these beautiful and less known destinations!

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