Definitive guide to parking in Rovinj

Parking in Rovinj Croatia

I get it. You are planning your trip to Croatia and wondering if driving to Rovinj and parking your car there is worth the hassle. Granted that parking in most tourist places in Croatia is challenging. To add to that, Rovinj’s old town is vehicle free – so tourists don’t get to park near where they stay.

However, Rovinj is a very picturesque medieval town. It is a must-do on any meaningful Croatian itinerary and parking worries shouldn’t keep you from it. We encourage you to make an informed decision and not be in a hurry to throw Rovinj out of the window just yet.

So, I decided to write about the various parking options in Rovinj, including a free parking site! Yes, you heard me right! My wife and I spent three full days in Rovinj and we parked our car in a free public car park throughout! No, this is not spam – scroll down to know more.

Frequently asked questions

Can you park in Rovinj old town?

Sorry, you cannot park in the old town of Rovinj. However, you could park in any of the 4 designated parking sites and explore the old town on foot. Rovinj’s old town is relatively small. You could comfortably roam around the perimeter in about an hour.

Where can you park in Rovinj?

Rovinj offers 1 large parking lot called Valdibora and 3 parking zones with on-street parking. I spent 10 hours researching parking sites that you could use. The map below should help you decide your parking lot based on where you stay and what the parking charges are.

Parking in Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj parking site Parking cost Distance from city center Payment method
Valdibora parking 5 kn per hr 400m Cash/credit card at the exit gate
Zone 1 8 kn per hr 400m SMS 708525
Zone 2 4 kn per hr 700m SMS 708526
Zone 3 2 kn per hr 800m SMS 708524
Free public parking 0 1.1km Completely, totally free!

Overnight parking in Rovinj

You can park your car outside a B&B that offers free on-street parking. Or, you could use a free public parking space that only the locals know about. Scroll down to know more.

Is Rovinj overnight parking hassle worth it?

Yes. Plus, there is no hassle once you figure out the right parking sites for yourself. If you are in Rovinj or planning to visit, read our Rovinj travel guide to plan your trip now!

Can you find free public parking in Rovinj?

Ohh yes! It’s in a safe residential area, 1.1 km from the city center, has enough space for 30 cars, and is open to everyone! Very few tourists know about it. We used local help to find it and did not spend a penny on parking during our three days in Rovinj 🙂 We parked our car throughout the day for all 3 days and saved hundreds of kunas in parking charges.

Parking sites in Rovinj

Valdibora parking lot

Valdivora Parking lot Rovinj Croatia

On your way to Rovinj, you will come across a roundabout near the Valdibora parking lot. This is the biggest parking lot in Rovinj. If you want to park at a more convenient location, that it is closer to the old town or your Airbnb, scroll down to see what fits your needs best.

Valdibora is a closed parking site. By that, we mean that it is actually bound by a perimeter, unlike the other sites that offer on-street parking. This parking lot is divided into two sections – Velika and Mala Valdibora. There is a cash desk/kiosk at the exit where you can pay by cash. Payment by credit card will work as well.

Links to Valdibora parking site: Google Maps location | Street view

Zone 1 parking lot

Rovinj Parking - Zone 1

Zone 1 is the most expensive parking site in Rovinj, but it offers you the ease of parking your car half a kilometer from the city center. If you have heavy luggage or if you have children traveling along, I would recommend parking your car here.

How to pay for Zone 1 parking? Just SMS 708525 and you are all set.

Links to Zone 2 parking site: Google Maps location | Street view

Zone 2 parking lot

Rovinj Parking - Zone 2

Zone 2 is a moderately expensive parking site in Rovinj. Its a 600-700 meters walk to Old town. Plus, the lane is long enough to park a lot of cars. However, if you are fine if Zone 2,  you should check Zone 3 for sure. Better still, you should check out the free public parking in Rovinj (scroll down for more).

How to pay for Zone 2 parking? Just SMS 708526 and you are all set.

Links to Zone 2 parking site: Google Maps location | Street view

Zone 3 parking lot

Parking site 3 in Rovinj

Zone 3 is both cheaper and not far from Old town. You might have to walk for 700-800 meters to reach Old town and that’s fine. However, if you are fine with Zone 3,  you should definitely check out the free public parking in Rovinj (scroll down).

How to pay for Zone 3 parking? Just SMS 708524 and you are all set.

Links to Zone 3 parking site: Google Maps location | Street view

Free day and overnight public parking site in Rovinj

This free public site is a place that not too many tourists know about. We found this with the help of locals. And, we saved hundreds of kunas in parking charges over the three days we spent in Rovinj. It is completely free for anyone that parks here.

Worried about overnight parking hassles in Rovinj? Say goodbye to that! Just park your car here in this safe location.

Links to Free public parking in Rovinj: Google Maps location | Street view

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