A romantic honeymoon getaway in Croatia (including cost and planning tips)

honeymoon itinerary croatia

Croatia with its mix of history, beaches, wine, and oil, is fast catching up as a preferred honeymoon getaway. You can choose your honeymoon itinerary based on your budget, interests, time in hand, and whether you want to spend time exploring the famous tourist destinations of some offbeat locations away from the crowds.

Croatia is a great destination for a honeymoon and offers a wide variety of experiences with its gorgeous beaches, secluded islands, serene national parks, electric cuisines, and buzzing cities. The ideal time to visit Croatia for a romantic getaway is during the shoulder season (May-June, Sept). The average cost of a 7-10days honeymoon in Croatia is about 1000eur.

We explored Croatia on a backpacking trip but could easily see the charm it offers for honeymooners.  Throughout this post, we have provided suggestions on the destinations, tours, and experiences that surely could be on your honeymoon itinerary. You can also go through the 2-week Croatia itinerary of our road trip during which we visited also visited the Istrian peninsula aside from Plitvice national park, and other major cities and islands.

Croatia honeymoon itinerary

If you are keen to visit the famous cities and islands in Croatia, then this itinerary is for you. You can easily cover this itinerary in a span of 10days and we suggest having this time in hand since the transit can time between cities can take long. it also depends on how you prefer to travel between cities.

  • Destinations covered: Dubrovnik, Peljesac Peninsula, Hvar, Vis island, Brac island, Split/ Zadar, Plitvice National Park
  • Suggested duration: 8-10days
  • Transport: Mainly using public transport or organized tours. Rented car optional.
  • Day1 – Arrive in Dubrovnik

Begin your trip in the best-known, most frequented city of Croatia. Take a walking tour of the old town or wander about the labyrinth streets on your own. Ring in a romantic evening by enjoying a drink at one of the iconic cliff bars around the old town.

Dubrovnik croatia

  • Day 2 – Explore Dubrovnik

Spend the day exploring the magnificent City Walls, and head to the lovely Lovrijenac castle (a famous GoT filming location). You can either spend the rest of the day at Banje beach or take a ferry over to Lokrum to explore this serene green island close to the old town of Dubrovnik.

Sea Kayaking around Dubrovnik is another mesmerizing experience that lets you appreciate the grandeur of the city away from the bustling crowds. The tour can take about 4-5 hours to complete so be mindful of the activities you want to park for this day. Read our detailed post on the Kayaking experience in Dubrovnik to see if this interests you.

kayaking tour dubrovnik croatia

  • Day 3 – Experiences around Dubrovnik

Having explored the charms of Dubrovnik’s old town, you can now take time to explore some wonderful locations and experiences around Dubrovnik.

Wine tasting in Peljesac Peninsula

Just about an hour away from Dubrovnik, Ston and Peljesac Peninsula are wonderful destinations to explore the food and wine heritage of this part of Dalmatia. Plan a visit to the beautiful vineyards in Peljesac and plan a wine tasting in Dingač winery (one of the most famous wine producers in Croatia). Peljesac is also famous for its oyster farming which is a must-try while visiting this area.

You can head to Peljesac either by bus or cab. There are several organized tours from Dubrovnik to both Ston and Peljesac. Renting a car and self-drive is also a great option as it will give you the flexibility you need to explore this area.

Scuba Diving near Korcula 

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, then there are some wonderful diving locations for both beginners and advanced divers near Dubrovnik. You can easily book your experience as an organized tour. Read our complete guide on diving locations across Croatia and Dubrovnik to see if this is something you want to experience.

  • Day 4 – Hvar

Continue your trip to one of the prettiest archipelagoes off the Dalmatian coast. Over the next three days, explore Croatia’s iconic islands, emerald water, and sun-kissed beaches.

Hvar is one of the biggest islands in the region and famous amongst tourists. From Dubrovnik, take a ferry to Hvar with an optional stopover for lunch at Korcula (another wonderful island). Spend your evening exploring the beautiful island and Hvar beach.

Hvar is a relatively big island so can opt for a rental car or bike to explore the island on your own. These are available near ferry points and also in main city.

There are several beautiful secluded beaches and coves all around Hvar which are perfect for honeymooners. Hvar is also famous for its naturists beaches.

2 week Croatian itinerary

  • Day 5 – Visit the Blue cave and Vis island

Spend your day exploring the iconic Blue Cave, Blue lagoon or simply visit the beautiful Vis and Pakleni islands. Spend time exploring the secluded bays and coves on Vis, or go snorkeling and swimming in the Blue lagoon.

There are two options to plan island-hopping around Hvar – ferry/ organized tours or private boat rentals.  Renting your private boat to explore the islands in this area can be a memorable experience.

We highly recommend private boat rentals as these are not that expensive, and gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing the destinations of your choice.

Read our detailed guide on boat rentals in Croatia to get started. Blue cave is a must-visit if you have not seen this illumination phenomenon before. There are several other destinations that are included in organized tours. Read more about the best tours and destinations from Hvar that you can consider while planning your trip.

Renting a boat in Croatia - Triplockr

  • Day 6 – Ferry to Brac island

Head over to Brac to explore the gorgeous Zlanti Rat (Golden Horn) beach which is considered one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands. Enjoy the sand and sun spending a leisurely day at the beach. You can also choose to spend the day exploring Hvar by booking a local tour.

If you are keen on scuba diving, then there are some lovely diving locations around Brac, Vis islands. Refer to our guide on Scuba diving to plan your dive experience.

croatia boat rental brac island

  • Day 7 – Ferry to Split/ Zadar

Having explored the wonderful Dalmation islands, you can now head to the mainland cities like Split or Zadar.

Split is a vibrant city with a beautiful old town dotted with a lovely Riva and is buzzing with nightlife. But if you would like to escape the crowds of Split then Zadar is a lovely option.

Zadar is a small coastal city but with a great architectural heritage as it used to be an important trade route for Croatia. You can spend the evening exploring the Sea organ which is a unique experience and ending the day with some lovely local cuisine.

  • Day 8 – Visit Plitvice or Krka National Park

Visiting Croatia’s national park is a high point on any itinerary that you plan. From Split or Zadar, you can plan a visit to Croatia’s iconic national park – Plitvice Lakes.  Plitvice is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a beautifully preserved natural paradise. Visit to Plitvice is an all-day affair so you can either plan a day trip or choose to stay over in the national park. Read our detailed guide on Plitivice to plan your trip.

plitvice lakes national park croatia

While Plitvice is the most sought-after destination for tourists, Krka national park is another great option to explore the natural serenity of this area. Located at about an hour’s distance from Split, Krka also has a series of interconnected lakes and a beautiful landscape. Tourists are allowed to swim in the lakes at Krka, unlike Plitvice.

  • Day 9 – Explore Split/ Zadar

Spend a leisurely day exploring Split or Zadar. Go for souvenir shopping or book a local food and wine experience. Ring in a romantic evening by the Riva soaking in the charms of this vibrant city.

  • Day 10 – Depart from Split

Plan your departure from Split reminiscing the wonderful experiences that you would cherish for a lifetime.

Additional Destinations

If you have additional time in hand and want to explore Croatia beyond the main cities, then there are a number of destinations that take you away from the crowded cities.

  • Istria

Considered as the Tuscany of Croatia, the Istrian peninsula is a lovely destination to explore the unique food and wine heritage of northern Croatia.  Visiting Istria was a high point on our itinerary and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the small towns and cities in this region. The region is known for its truffle-based cuisine, organic wines, and olive oil unique to this region. You will find some of Croatia’s best wineries situated in this region.

istria croatia

  • Destinations covered: Rovinj, Pula, Motovun, Porec
  • Suggested duration: 3 days
  • Transport: Rented car

Explore our detailed guide on visiting Istria, Rovinj, Motovun, Pula, and Wine tasting experiences in Istria to plan your trip now.

  • Mostar

If you have the required visa to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, then visiting the heritage city of Mostar is a great day trip from either Dubrovnik or Split, and we highly recommend staying the night if you have the time. You can either book an organized tour to Mostar or drive on your own.

There are several other destinations between Split and Dubrovnik that you can visit in case you are opting for a road trip between these two cities. Explore our detailed guide on the Best places to visit between Split and Dubrovnik to explore these alternate destinations.

  • Montenegro

An ideal day trip from Dubrovnik, enjoy the day exploring the beautiful Kotor bay and Budva in Montenegro. There are several organized tours to Montenegro from Dubrovnik which is the most convenient option to visit.

Cost of Honeymoon in Croatia

The average cost a week for two people in Croatia is about 1000eur and a 2 weeks trip can cost about 1800eur for two people. If you plan to visit Croatia on a relatively tight budget then its best to visit during the shoulder season(May-Jun or Sept).

The cost of your honeymoon trip can vary depending on your choice of destinations, accommodation type, and the experiences you are looking to book. Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia followed by Split since these cities receive a lot of tourists around the year.

You can also explore destinations outside the main cities to bring down accommodation and parking costs. Airbnb and Sobe are popular accommodation options as compared to traditional hotels.

Category Approx. Cost Remarks
Accommodation 40-60eur per night (Mid-size hotel)

80-120eur per night (Luxury hotel)

Explore economical and local stay options on Airbnb, Glamping sites, Mobile homes
Transport 8-10eur per journey – Local transport

25-30eur per day – Rented Car

The cost of public transport is relatively cheaper in Croatia. Rented car costs include daily parking charges.
Food and beverages 10-15eur per meal per person (meal and wine) The cost of food varies with destinations. Explore fixed meal menus and konobas for economical options
Tours and Experiences 25-40eur per person Full-day organized tours and entry fees vary according to season.
Wine tasting tours 20-30eur per person Cost is given for direct booking. Organized tours cost a bit more.
Boat Rentals 140eur day rental for a small boat Multi-day rentals are more economical

Planning tips

How many days should I ideally plan for a honeymoon getaway in Croatia? 

You should look to spend about 7-10days exploring Croatia. Although Croatia is a small country, the transit time between destinations takes considerable time and anything less than 7days will not give you a chance to soak in the varied experiences that the place offers.

When is the best time to visit Croatia for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Croatia, especially for a honeymoon, is during the shoulder season (May, June, and Sept). During this time, the weather is warm enough for most activities and the tourists are fewer as compared to peak season (Jul, Aug).

What’s the best area to stay in Croatia for a honeymoon?

The best places to stay in Croatia are – Dubrovnik (old town architectural appeal), Hvar (beaches and islands), Rovinj (riviera style old town appeal).

What are some of the romantic experiences that I should consider for my honeymoon in Croatia?

Honeymoon is a great time to build memories for a lifetime. Croatia offers some unique experiences that can make your honeymoon even more memorable. Here are some suggestions:

  • Stay in old town sobe
  • Visit some of the famous wineries and book a wine tasting tour  
  • Explore Croatia’s olive oil production farms
  • Book a private boat rental with an overnight stay
  • Go glamping around famous national parks 
  • Try kayaking, scuba diving, or snorkeling
  • Book a culinary class


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