Kayaking along Dubrovnik walls

How would you like to soak in views of the lovely Lovrijenac fort and old city walls of Dubrovnik away from the bustling crowds? Would you like to enjoy the tranquility of the water lazying rowing around the medieval walls and exploring Lokrum island? If the answer is yes, then we highly recommend taking a kayaking tour during your visit to Dubrovnik.

There are just so many ways to experience the charms of Dubrovnik. Walk through the old town, visit the lovely forts or watch the sun call it a day at one of the many cliff bars. But any the kayaking tour in Dubrovnik will give you a chance to soak in the real charm of this medieval city away from the vacationing crowds.

kayaking tour dubrovnik croatia

About the tour

Kayaking in the bay close to Dubrovnik city walls is a popular activity during summers. Tours are offered  starting as early as May and till about September when the waters are warm enough.

There are a number of tour operators which organize these tours in a group of about 16-20 participants. Usually these tours are conducted twice a day – starting about 10am and 5pm . These tours last about 3-4hours and can cost about 200 Croatian kuna per person. There are longer, full day kayaking trips also available and you can explore these to include more sea adventure activities. You can either book these in person or online.

We recommend booking the tour at least couple of days in advance especially during the peak season.

kayaking tour dubrovnik croatia

Our kayaking experience in Dubrovnik

We were visiting Dubrovnik in early June so it was warm enough for water activities. We booked the evening tour online a day in advance. After spending a lazy day at Banje beach right outside the city walls we headed towards Pile gate (the starting point for most of these tours) and met our group.

Banje beach Croatia

Before the actual tour began, the tour guide gave us instructions on how to operate the kayak and basic rowing. We also got some time to familiarize ourselves with the equipment and practice rowing near the shore. Once our group was ready, we started to row across the bay. Initially it took us a while to get used to the water current but in just about 15mins we were one with the sea.

The hustle bustle of the city soon faded away and we started to see the views of the magnificent city walls leading to fort Lovrijenac overlooking the charming town that Dubrovnik is.

We began our tour by rowing across the bay towards the Lokrum island. Lokrum is actually a natural reserve with a variety of trees and walking trails. You can even find great swimming spots along the island. As part of the tour, we did not stop over the island but rowed all along it.

Lokrum island dubrovnik croatia

We then rowed all across the bay to reach the other side and visit the famous cave island. The water here is crystal clear and emerald green. We spent a long time swimming and snorkeling here. The guide even suggested some great spots for cliff jumping. We rested here for a while enjoying a light snack and listening to some cool stories about Croatia’s history, different reigns and its social, cultural background.

kayaking tour dubrovnik croatia

By this time the sun was about to set and as we started to row back, we could see some breathtaking views of the entire city. Fort Lovrijenac looked mesmerizing against the purple hues of smoky skies.

Fort Lovrijenac dubrovnik Croatia

Tourists were gathering on one of the many cliff bars to catch the beautiful sunset over the Adriatic and ring in the night. As we rowed along the fort and city walls, we couldn’t stop admiring the endless charm this medieval town has retained that attracts a score of tourists every year.

kayaking tour dubrovnik croatia

We ended our tour savoring the home made wine that our tour guide brought along, which was the perfect way to end the beautiful evening 🙂 We were really glad to have taken this adventure and highly suggest that you consider it on your visit to Dubrovnik.

Check out details of the  trip we booked with Kayak tours. You can also choose from some of these other highly rated tours on Tripadvisor and Viator.

Planning tips

  1. Kayaking tours are highly dependent on local weather conditions and can be cancelled at short notice. Most operators offer to join the tour in the next session but may not refund the entire amount. So do check the weather forecast and cancellation policy before you actually book the tour.
  2. Tour operators will provide all kayaking gear and live jackets. They even provide a water proof to store mobile phones, camera etc.
  3. Opt for water proof gear and shoes. During the tour, you will get to go swimming, cliff jumping etc.
  4. If you don’t have experience with kayaking, inform the tour guide and opt for a kayak that accommodates two of you for better control.
  5. During the tour, the guides will instruct you to stay close to the group. Its important to follow this since the water current in the sea can sometimes be rough and sway you too far away.
  6. Most tour operators provide a light snack, water and refreshments. But in case these are not  included , do carry water and light snack as the tour is enduring.

Drop us a note or a comment if you would like to know anything more regarding this tour. Read our travel guide on Dubrovnik to plan your visit now!

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